Civil Service Club at Changi

A new relevance

As an addition to the nostalgic coastline of Changi since 2014, the Civil Service Club at Changi was designed to sensitively embrace the tranquil and laid-back charm of the Changi Village area while retaining the existing building structures which date back to colonial times.

Consisting of a new four-storey Recreation Complex and a new four-storey Chalet Block with three Villa Clusters, the design intent of this project was to preserve the clubhouse’s colonial heritage and rejuvenate the surroundings with new recreational and hospitality programmes across three main zones.

2 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508503
Category Sports, Community & Recreation | Conservation & Heritage
Year 2014
Size 11,500sqm
The architectural intervention draws inspiration from memories of the past to create a sense of place where old and new, nature and architecture coexist harmoniously.
The Recreation Complex, with its externalised staircases, naturally ventilated corridors and brick façade orchestration, is designed with porosity as an architectural intent.
The Recreation Complex’s undulating concrete façade with a feature wall of gradually rotated bricks that also provides ventilation for the multi-storey carpark behind it.
Interior of a double-storey villa with full-height glass to allow views of lush greenery and the sea.

Old lattice windows of the single-storey colonial blocks have been reinterpreted and expressed onto the new timber doors of the villas for a nostalgic resort feel. By the use of multiple slender columns and trellises which project a sense of ‘transparency’, the scale of the new buildings is broken down.

The landscape approach took advantage of the proximity to the sea to create a relaxing resort ambience, tying the new architecture seamlessly with the surroundings. Lush green spaces were designed around existing mature rain trees, imbuing the development with a sense of tranquillity. The forecourt, with its textured driveway leading to the pitch-roofed porte-cochère with clipped plantings and decorative pots, evokes colonial architecture. The back of the conserved Meyer House, now the club’s entrance hall, opens up to a panoramic view of Changi beach.

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