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The design of the regional headquarters of a leading oilfield services provider from China focused on enhancing the quality of the work environment within an industrial district.

The design creates a conducive and relaxed environment, with the introduction of lush greenery and a recreational courtyard space for leisure activities, balconies with planters and high-volume interactive breakout spaces that bring in natural daylighting into the corridors. This is particularly noticeable along Benoi Road where the 30m-wide central green plaza provides a spatial relief for the development and surrounding buildings. The guardhouse is also integrated with a green roof that blends seamlessly with the landscape.

3 Benoi Road, Singapore 629877
Category Office | Industrial
Year 2014
Size 47,900sqm
The design emphasises on creating a conducive and relaxed environment amid the harsh industrial park, with lush greenery, breakout spaces, good views and natural daylight.
A high roof trellis at the drop-off provides sunshading.
Offices overlook the central green plaza.
Aluminium cladding is used for the west-facing facade; and a lush central green plaza fronts the development.

The development sits on a parallelogram-shaped site along Benoi Road. The site planning takes on a U-shaped configuration, with the office block fronting the main road. The design of the office block is triangular, formed by two inverses, interlocking L-shaped blocks, which maintains a rectilinear layout for effective space planning and enables all offices to have a view towards the central green plaza, the courtyard, or the Benoi Basin.

Sustainability is achieved through passive design strategies, such as minimising direct sun exposure on the west-facing façade through strategic building orientation, a high roof trellis at the drop-off to provide sunshading; the use of aluminium cladding on the direct west-facing façade to reduce solar heat gain; as well as a vertical courtyard and high-volume breakout spaces along the corridor that introduce natural daylighting into the building.

The use of corrugated metal sheets on the façade helps in keeping the cost economical while achieving a sleek industrial look. In addition, recessed grooves in different shades give a contemporary and sophisticated look to the industrial building.

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