St Andrew's Cathedral A&A

Linking tradition with change

As social patterns evolve, projects like the St Andrew’s Cathedral Addition serve as strong connective tissues linking longstanding tradition with contemporary change.

The design for the extension seeks neutrality both in massing and material as a backdrop supportive of the established Early Gothic architectural language of the original church. The addition fuses landscape and architecture, and in an effort to maintain a clear formal hierarchy on site, the majority of new structure has been designed underground.

11 St Andrew's Road, Singapore 178959
Category Religious
Year 2010
Size 3,300sqm
A modern interpretation of the religious facility which respectfully eschews the ornate features of the existing cathedral.

A visitor centre and entry pavilions have been added to the flat landscape above ground. These single-storey structures of glass and whitewashed walls are connected to the existing monument via a cloister walkway and to a Mass Rapid Transit station by a covered link-way of glass and steel purlins. Rock and herb gardens in addition to a sunken courtyard of trees are designed to offer natural, outdoor meditative spaces. 

Specialist Services

Integrated services provided for this project.


2006 3rd SIA Façade Design Excellence Awards (Honourable Mention)
Extension to St Andrew’s Cathedral
2006 8th SIA Architectural Design Awards Honourable Mention
Extension to St Andrew’s Cathedral

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